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Zannone, at about 6 miles from Ponza, is the most northern island of the archipelago. It offers an extraordinary landscape of white friable heaps and amber-coloured tuffs. Unlike all the other islands of the group, which are volcanogenic, Zannone is rich of real geologic preciousness, very old sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, which probably date back to 300 million years ago. Always uninhabited, Zannone has kept almost untouched its original vegetation, that is typical of the Mediterranean and gives a particularly luxuriant aspect to its landscape. On the island we can find a lot of migrators, the moor buzzard and the peregrine; lizards, lepidopters, spiders, orthopters, and a particular type of goat imported from Sardinia about the 20s, the mouflon. Since 1979 Zannone has been part of the National Park of Circeo.